Saturday, January 22, 2011

CrossFire CrossHair Hack with proof

CrossFire CrossHair Hack v1.0

  • Download the crosshair and put it to your computer
  • Open crosshair v1.0
  • In caption type in crossfire
  • In height type in 768 (You can change this if you want too)
  • In width type in 1024 (You can change this if you want too)
  • In size type in the size you want it to be (For me 14)
  • Choose your colour by typing in different numbers. IDK. I know that 255 is red
  • Click start on the crosshair v1.0
  • Open crossfire, then click start game and login
  • After you are in a room and you press join game and the crosshair will go in the middle.
  • Now enjoy and OWN with sniper!
Different Colours you can have by typing in these number

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